Hi, I am Olga Drozd, contemporary artist, but most importantly – a patriot.

Therefore, when the full-scale Russian invasion of my native Ukraine began, I decided to stay in my country.

Although, I have received many invitations from European cultural institutions to leave temporarily for the art residence. 

It is my choice and my responsibility.

Thank you to everyone, who understands it.

For many days now, I have been helping those in need through volunteering.

I also try to continue working as a contemporary artist, photographer, because I believe in the power of culture and that art is a universal language of the civilized world.

I am open to collaborations with other artists. I am ready to cooperate with foreign cultural institutions, galleries, auctions.

However, I am not willing to cooperate with Russian authors and organizers.

In addition, if you want to support my country, I will be grateful. Here are the details

With respect and honor to all those, who support the humanistic values of the modern world.

Photos of the exposition "For one another" project.

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THE PROJECT “DIARY” / Action! Forum

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Opening day • Ethno Museum Klenik.

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"For one another" project at the Ethno Museum Klenik.

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