"For one another" project at the Ethno Museum Klenik.

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the artist Olga Drozd (Ukraine) on October 8 at the Ethno Museum Klenik (Klenik 22, Pivka) at 18.00
The project For One Another by Ukrainian conceptual artist Olga Drozd, currently on display in the Slovenian Ethno Museum Klenik, is a kind of bridge connecting different times.

Why did the cooperation between the Center of Contemporary Art Pivka and the Muse um began with this project? How are Olga’s multi-layered transparent abstract watercolor paintings aligned with ancient peasant artifacts?

To us the general basis of this connection is simplicity. That ontological fundamental “simplicity” is the root of the complex Universe. The objects of peasant lifestyle are simple, but thanks to those objects Slovenia remains a country whose beauty and comfort never cease to amaze throughout the centuries.
At first, Olga’s watercolor paintings cause strange bewilderment — as if there is no action in the paintings. But as soon as you take your eyes off, the paintings pull your attention back. Thin layers gradually create interlacing lines and suddenly the artwork, with general simple composition, comes alive. Layers and lines condense and move towards one starting point — the vertical «womb», capturing your attention. This «womb» pulls everything inside and then releases bright life-creating beams of light.

The eroticism of Olga’s artwork is consonant with the eroticism of Earth that is plowed and by opening itself, ready to take a seed to give life.
Olga’s Project is on the edge between Contemporary art and the fine qualities of Traditional painting. This exact edge is the navel-string connecting modernity with tradition and allows the viewer to see how one is born from the other.
Bagrat Arazyan, curator

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