Cześć, to ja”

wystawa sztuki artystów ukraińskich

Elga Zefirova

Series "RED MANICURE" 2022

monoprint collage

21x30 cm


These Collages are based on reference photo published by Reuters after the Ukrainian army liberated Bucha - a hand of dead women laying in dirt and blood with perfect red manicure. What the world saw in this city was shocking and frightening. Hundreds killed and tortured, ruins where peaceful developing city had grown. 

From now and on red manicure is no more associated with passion or love drama for me, it is pain and grief  and I  drought I will ever want to wear it again. The time will pass, pictures will become blurred, but the marks they left will stay forever. As the cities are built  out of small bricks, tiny detail form us who we are.


Price 150 euro (each one)with framing, 

About me.



As an artist I am seeing a person through the environmental perspective. Both physical and mental environment have significant impact on shaping person’s thoughts, emotions and actions. And I believe this is a two-way road.


People in turn shape and modify their surrounding. Through my work, I am exploring this dynamic interplay and highlighting its complexities.

The war experience, which I am going through as a Ukrainian, has become a new booster for this research. Each tragedy brought by Russians to my people peels off the shell of tolerance, kindness and all the good I had got from friendly environment through my safe comfortable life, and it reveals a new layer of wild. We`ll see where it leads to.


I love mixed techniques and I am experimenting with materials and styles a lot. One of my favourite techniques is mixed media collage. I love it for the proper ratio of planned/unpredictable. This technique gives me the perfect amount of surprising mixtures and textures, yet I keep ability to follow the plan. I believe it reflects my lifestyle: focus on the goal but be open to new opportunities.