Cześć, to ja”

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Maryna Siliakova

«Crying » 2022




If I was asked to visualize my current feelings, I would show this collage. At the break of the war, I cried a lot and felt restless; it seems that now (after almost a year of the war) is finally the time I can visually express what I feel. 

In 2014, I was overwhelmed when the russian troops entered Donetsk. 

These days, I can’t comprehend the scale of casualties this war has caused. 


 Price 80 euro, with framing.

About me.


Maryna Siliakova was born in 1992 in Donetsk and moved to Poland in 2017. A chemist by education, she decided to retrain in Warsaw and is now a graduate of graphic design at the Social Academy of Sciences. The artist creates both digital and analog collages and is eager to share her knowledge with others. Maryna Siliakova is a young artist focused on research and discovery. In her work, she uses a variety of techniques and materials from pastels to ink, and experiments with composition. Her works have been recognized at many national and international competitions.