Cześć, to ja”

wystawa sztuki artystów ukraińskich

Iryna Tatarenko

«25 february», 2022

сollage, print

50x70 cm, print 1, edition of 2


When salt gets onto the wound, it becomes very painful.

On 25 February, 2022, it was scarier for me than on the 24th. I woke up in my friend’s dirty bachelor flat. I couldn’t put myself together.

I had no idea what to do. Between the air alarms, I sat in the corner and read old musical magazines.

I feel despair every time I turn my thoughts back to those days filled with terrible news. Those days are our mental wounds that will never heal.


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«I found a little time, but there was no need», 2022

сollage, print

50x70 cm, print 1, edition of 2


On 24 February, 2022, I left my home and returned only on 11 September. I lived in Poland, Germany, and Switzerland. For a while, my work was on hold, and it was a strange experience because I am usually busy 24/7 and complain that I do not have time for creativity...

I had time out there, but I was able to return to my collages only when I returned home.

Therefore, tickets and flowers from my so-called exile are used here.


 Price 100 euro, without framing.

"My forest is no longer waiting for me"  2022

Digital collage

50x70 cm, print 1, edition of 5


I spent my childhood in the village of Maly Bobryk in the Sumy region.

My grandmothers’ huts were near the forest. I spent a lot of time in the woods. I love the smell of the forest, its noise, its inhabitants, and its chimeras. I believe in its spirits. Sumy region is located on the border with Russia.

Almost every day, it suffers from the shelling by the occupiers.

I return to my forest in my thoughts every single day.

I realise that it is not waiting for me temporarily. Because now it is dangerous for people, animals, and chimeras from my childhood.


 Price 100 euro, without framing.

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Намагаюсь збагнути її таємничість, в роботах шукаю вихід емоцій та досліджую магію почуттів.


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