Cześć, to ja”

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Uliana Shchabel

"Camouflage" Series. 2023

"Flight, rain, clouds"


Linocut, hand print, collage, pencil

print 1, edition1


Price 150 euro, without framing. 

About me.



Ukrainian artist, born in 1996 in Vynnyky, Lviv region. Participant of Ukrainian and international projects. Creative work includes graphics, collage and installation. Works in mixed media and uses such materials as magazines and book clippings, acrylic, felt-tip pens, pastels, sometimes family photos and cardboard. In works, examines the influence of external changes on the internal state. The ability to adapt and function in these conditions. Rethinks the events that are taking place and analyzes their impact. The main idea is the problems of communication and adaptation. Series on which I works: Camouflage, Family Album, Countdown, Communication.

In 2020, completed postgraduate studies at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Art Management.