Cześć, to ja”

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"Self-portrait 2023" 2023

 mixed media


After February 24, 2022, when Russian missiles flew into peaceful Ukrainian cities, the lives of each of us was changed.  The war is going on for more than a year, and during that time we all have changed.  In this artwork, I depict myself and my own condition, but I know for sure, this condition is common to all Ukraine. Everyone can find themselves in this picture, that's why I use pieces of mirrors.  Broken, but stable and unbreakable.  With a burning fire in my heart.  With faith that everything will be fine and the seeds will sprout soon.  With longing and tears that I don't show to anyone.  With great gratitude to every Ukrainian soldier who keeps our native land.  I believe.  I know. We will win.  Everything will be fine. 



Price 1000 euro. 

 About me.


I am Viktoria Chupriyanovska, was born in 1989 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.  I love drawing since childhood and grew up in a creative family.  At the lyceum, I successfully studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, but entered a pedagogical university at the Faculty of Visual Arts, choosing the free path as an artist.


I work mainly in realism style, using various materials and techniques.  My favorite is painting on black canvas.  I am interested in theories of light and color.  I believe that Darkness appears first, which manifests itself as blackness, it is the original source of everything.  It is only thanks to Light, we perceive the world around us, we see objects as they are, brightly and voluminously, understandable. Here is also a philosophical question of good and evil.  There is a special magic in this - painting by light... I believe that Love, Kindness and Truth always win.

Portrait is one of my main genres.  I study human emotions, different outlook and worldview.  I can see an aura, am interested in esoteric practice.


From 2013 until the beginning of the war, I had my own art studio in Ukraine - "StudioVikiART", where I taught Visual Arts to adults and children according to author's programs and methods.  I have helped many adults to discover their creative potential and take the path of professional artist.  I also created several exhibitions as an art curator for my students.


My studio is currently closed, unfortunately.

I took part in many Ukrainian and Turkish exhibitions, received awards at international art competitions.  My artworks are in private collections in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan.