Cześć, to ja”

wystawa sztuki artystów ukraińskich

Eva Holts

"Untitled" 2022

70x50 cm, print 1, edition of 10

digital photography, collage


This collage is based on the photo of a flat which burnt down because of russian missile (March 2022). There I've been living for 4 years before the full-scale war in Ukraine. I combined this photo of my burnt diploma with pieces of chocolate and a little toy bed.


Price 250 euro, without framing. 

About me.


I was born in 1994, in Chernihiv, Ukraine.


Mostly I work with object digital photography.


I take pictures of things, especially toys. I love combining them in non-obvious ways, together with household items, food, or flowers.

And then I tend to lay them out in the house, in the street, or outdoors.

The specific combination of items and their interaction in space is my key point. Because it is then that what I call magic happens – things come alive.


My supposed role is to determine the potential and conditions under which my things would actually come alive.